Creativity – Quality

Good ideas are no coincidence!

For an exceptional design, more factors are needed than inspiration or creativity. It is mainly about the non-verbal communication with the customer and to trigger his emotions!
This requires sophisticated processes modern concepts and methods for finding ideas and their successful implementation within a given schedule.

Above all, however, there is always a need for flexibility to dynamically adapt to new requirements in the course of the project.

That is exactly what I am claiming myself and the quality of my work.

In the course of many years as a developer and project manager in the automotive industry, I was trained, among other things, in project management, various quality assurance methods, intercultural competence, cooperative thinking and acting as well as conflict management.

For years I have supported the marketing departments of famous Mountainbike companies in their media production and design, and I am also a certified “Lufthansa SafeDrone” drone pilot including a licence/permit for the creation of Aerial photographs/footage.

All projects are conducted with the latest Adobe software systems, which are always up-to-date with the latest technology and security in the Creative Cloud package.

I can rely on more than 10 years of experience in dealing with these professional layout and image editing programs.

I bring these competencies into your projects and guarantee you a reliable planning and concrete pledges for the resources needed to achieve your goals.

And in case something unexpected happens, you can rely on our comprehensive  professional liability insurance, specially designed for the work in the media business.

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