Welcome on the homepage of Christoph Lischetzki Media.  Here you can find all informations about my activities as a freelance media designer in the fields of photography, videography, webdesign and print media.

About CL Media

CL-Medien supports your company as a reliable service provider on a freelance basis in the areas of photography, video production, corporate design, graphic and web design as well as print media.

As a provider of full service packages, assembled from a wide range of creative areas, you will receive everything that your marketing department is looking for to make your company even more successfull. Continue reading “About CL Media”

Creativity – Quality

Good ideas are no coincidence!

For an exceptional design, more factors are needed than inspiration or creativity. It is mainly about the non-verbal communication with the customer and to trigger his emotions!
This requires sophisticated processes modern concepts and methods for finding ideas and their successful implementation within a given schedule.

Above all, however, there is always a need for flexibility to dynamically adapt to new requirements in the course of the project.

That is exactly what I am claiming myself and the quality of my work. Continue reading “Creativity – Quality”


Life is full of unique experiences that should be recorded.  No matter if your wedding, pictures of your baby or a special event/celebration, such events take place only once and there is no second chance to get them on image. Therefore, a high degree of experience and professionalism is necessary to not miss that chance.

I produce professional photographies in the areas:
Product, business and image photography and photos for portraits, applications, family, fashion, wedding, baby and landscape.
The shoots can be held inside a photo studio, at your location, outdoors or in front of a scenery of your choice.

Many years of experience and the use of the latest technology, as well as an eye for the special moments, make your images meet the demands of advertising agencies, customers and publishers at the highest level. Continue reading “Photography”


Videography – Because moving images make a difference!

One of my specialties is the recording and editing of videos, which are becoming more and more important for corporate and brand communication. The visual language of a video, conceptually adapted  to your target groups can convey your message perfectly on an emotional level.
It doesn’t matter if you need a factory video, a company presentation, an image video, music videos, video about your last vacation/trip, product videos or wedding reports. Continue reading “Videoproduktion”

Aerial Photography / Drone

Translation coming soon!

CL-Medien ist Ihr zuverlässiger Partner wenn es um professionelle Luftbildaufnahmen geht. Unser Team für Drohnenaufnahmen setzt sich zusammen aus den Brüdern Michael Lischetzki und Christoph Lischetzki.

Gemeinsam besitzen wir jahrelange Erfahrung im Bereich der Drohnennutzung sowie der Fotografie und Videoproduktion.

Dabei spielt es keine Rolle ob Sie eine Immobilie für den Verkauf in Szene setzen möchten oder einen besonderen Imagefilm mit atemberaubenden Perspektiven benötigen. Continue reading “Aerial Photography / Drone”

Reiseblog – leisure__and__travel

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The wedding is the most important and beautiful moment in the life of a couple.  This very special day, with all of its very special moments, has to be pictured permanently until eternity.

My way of working and my goal is to capture a complete documentation of all the emotional highlights of the wedding.

And as special as this day is, so will be the photos and videos that are created on that day.

Continue reading “Weddings”


An appealing, user-friendly Internet presence is crucial to how successful your online customer acquisition works.
However, this depends on more factors than the design alone.
It is about the interaction of design, technology, marketing, usability and search engine optimization.

Based on your specifications  I develop the concept for you and put it in shape on time.

My self-set goal with your websites lies in the usability and uniqueness of the design.  No matter if informative, stylish, modern or simple.

I am your creative partner who does not provide you with a everyday design of the shelf! Continue reading “Webdesign”

Graphic Design

Are you looking for a unique logo that attracts the attention of your potential new customers?

No matter if you are a new/young company that needs a new logo, or an existing company that wants to change/rebrand your image.

CL-Media supports you with the concept and the graphic design/realisation, in order to create a meaningful graphic product in your unique corporate identity (CI). Continue reading “Graphic Design”

Print media

Classic print media with modern ideas

In today’s digital age, it is again modern to take the classic print media into your hands and these are again an important component of successful corporate communication. To be noticed by your customers, a brochure or business card on high-quality paper says more than 1000 online advertising banners, which are partially hidden by ad blockers.

I would be happy to create your expressive print product in cooperation with you, such as: Company brochures, flyers or advertising campaigns, in your unique corporate identity (CI). Continue reading “Print media”

Marketing and Corporate Design

Whether you have created a new company which wants to define itself in its external communication, or just want to perform an image change / rebranding. I would be happy to advise you on marketing issues such as your corporate identity and your corporate design.

Corporate Identity (CI) is a key component of corporate strategy and helps your employees and customers to identify themselves with your company and products through a clear structure.

My corporate design and marketing consulting covers the entire marketing and sales divisions and ensures that your company will remain in the memory of the customer and thus creates the basis for new sales and growth potential. Continue reading “Marketing and Corporate Design”

References / Customers

Ergon Bike Ergonomics

Projects: Worked for the company in the field of marketing, product photography and video production

Magura Bikes and Suspension

Projects: Worked for the company in the field of online marketing, product-and eventvideo production

Stabilus GmbH

Projects: Worked for the company in the field of marketing and media production

Product- and event photography

Product- and event video production

Logo design

  RTI Sports GmbH

Projects: Worked for the company in the field of marketing, product photography and video production

  Tecis Finanzdienstleistungs GmbH

Event photography

As a stock photographer my pictures have been bought a few thousand times and published in magazines, websites, guidebooks and much more.

Continue reading “References / Customers”


Would you like more information about my services or need an offer for a media project?

Then you can contact me at any time in the following ways: Continue reading “Contact”